When I told my friends and family I was lucky enough to be heading to Egypt the one question I was continuously asked was, “ Is it safe?”.
It wasn’t something that had even crossed my mind and I was just excited and honoured to have been asked to participate in this trip and to travel it with Bunnik Tours who were amazing beyond words.

Landing in Cairo we were welcomed by the smiling Bunnik representative who lead us to the spacious coach and the adventure began.
We travelled through the crazy city of Cairo where you really do struggle to comprehend the size and growth of the city.

Not long after leaving the hustle and bustle of Cairo you are suddenly confronted with the Great Pyramids, Mind-boggling!!
Seeing the Pyramids was really a pinch myself moment. As a child you learn all about the Pyramids, Mummies, Abu Simbel and the incredible history of Egypt, never to think I would ever experience all of these incredible ancient monuments with my own eyes.

From Cairo we flew to Aswan to embark on our three night Nile Cruise to Luxor and then finishing back in Cairo.

The whole trip ran seamlessly and it really was the perfect stress-free, small group tour that you wish for as a traveller. Bunnik just made everything so easy and you can see their passion and love for travel in their tours and through their staff on the ground, you are looked after from start to finish. It means that as a traveller you can just sit back and soak up the history and immerse yourself in the destination.

Now if people ask me, “Is Egypt Safe”, I say without any hesitations…Yes, not only do you feel safe but you feel welcomed!

To find out more, email Bec on rebecca@travelaffare.com.au